We develop sites just like this one or anything you can imagine that can be done on the web. Check out our demos and portfolio and see if you would be interested in what we have to bring to the table.


We help people just like you start and operate their own home business that is run online. From putting their own business online to starting a new business online from scratch, we'll get you there.

Although our company deals with three very different business models we do not combine our forces to work on any one model. In other words, the team dedicated to developing websites only develops websites and not game. However, our game development team does develop games that can be played on the web it has nothing to do with the actual development of the website that will host the game. Likewise, the home business development team has nothing to do with either the web development or the game development.

Our web development is done with all the modern tools that are standard to the development of web 2.0 and higher. Web 2.0 is just getting to roll our more heavily as of the time of this writing and all top browsers should be 100% compliant within the next few years. No matter what, we develop websites that will be compatible with all major, true web browsers.

What is a "True" web browser? It is a web browser designed to be compatible with the web and all of its standard elements. The top browsers that are compliant so far are Opera, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and IE 11+. In truth, not all of these are 100% compatible with all of the new web 2.0 features.
When we speak of web 2.0 we are referring to the next stage of web development that goes from having many static pages to very dynamic pages. This means you can do allot more in one web page then in 20 static pages. For example, you can have an image that, when clicked on, with display a form to fill out or a movie to watch all without leaving that page.

Much of this has been done in the past with some pretty cleaver JavaScript development but some of this can now be done with some simple tags. Flash pages are becoming a thing of the past slowly as more dynamic pages are built with the same capabilities flash was able to deliver. This does not mean it will replace Flash. Flash is redesigning and adding more to their line of products that is still quite useful in some web designs. But you no longer need a Flash element to produce an image carousel or slider. This can all be done with HTML5 tags and CSS3.

Read on to find out more about the things we do and what we might be able to do for you for much less than other developers.


There are big companies and small companies out there developing websites that are either okay or have to run on their servers while you continue to pay them month after month, year after year. We will develop your website so you can port it to any web host of your choosing as long as they support the platform we develop for which is a Unix based server or any server that supports PHP 5.x + and MySQL 4.x +. Almost all web hosts can do this today.

However, we do offer full hosting service as well if you have a need. We can also provide database support and maintenance, database backups, domain name hosting and web hosting. You will find our services to be lower than most with top quality service and support.

We offer real Web Development training for free with the option of getting a certificate if you like. We offer training in HTML, CSS. JavaScript, PHP, XML, jQuery, MySQL, and Bootstrap. We may add to this later but for now this will give you more than you need to start your web development career.

Using all the latest programming tools we will show you how to build fully interactive websites. You will also get links to free resources which will help you as well. From HTML editors to web servers, you will have everything you need to setup your development environment and begin building. All of this for free!



eBiz (Electronic Business) is a huge industry that is continuing to grow. As competition between Internet based businesses and brick and mortar businesses continue we see more and more physical storefronts going out of business and taking up residence in their own homes and online.

We have done the same but in the process we have learned far more than we ever thought possible about online businesses. We have found so many fraudulent business opportunities and scams that we found it hard to find real, honest home business opportunities online. However, we did find some. From turning your hobbies into income to running a windshield repair business there are lots of businesses you can get involved with without a huge investment and having to have a physical store that will cost you huge in monthly overhead.

We have put these opportunities into a downloadable catalog and have put links to other huge income opportunities. We have training and books available to help you learn the business of running an online business.