We at TEEMOR Developers are dedicated to delivering quality applications and business solutions. We develop not only software solutions but business opportunities to help people increase their income and eventually quit their normal job and take off with their own successful business. Please take a look at what we have to offer and see if there is anything you may be interested in.

Getting Started
Getting Started
Our Blogs
We try to keep everyone informed of our progress in everything from fixing program bugs to new releases and updates.
Your Home-Based Business
Anyone can start a home-based business if they have the tools and knowledge on how to do it. That's where we can help!
Word Press Development
You can have a website looking like this one or one of your own design. We provide the Theme and Plugins to make it happen!
Our Books
We have written a number of books to help you learn the fundamentals of web design and development.
We provide online video training along with downloadable documents designed to help you learn business development.
Custom Websites/Hosting
We offer custom web design and development as well as some hosting options to help take the load off of you.
Special Events
We will inform you of special events you may feel you need or would like to be a part of. Signup for our email list!
We develop proprietary spftware for specific business needs such as Resort Master Pro and Doggy Doo Pro plus more!
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Learn From Our Experience

We have been involved in one way or another since 1992 with how to make money on the Internet. What we have learned is there are actually ways of making money online. However, there are even more ways to be scammed and taken advantage of all while you just keep spending money and not making any.

It is our goal to help that stop from happening to you or anyone else. We have done the work and now you can take part in it if you like. We will give you honest, up-to-date information on Internet Marketing and all its aspects. Will there be a cost? there always is. But we will also give away a tone of free information that will be of great value to you in determining the direction you want to grow your online business.

  • Helpful Do's and Don'ts From Our Experience
  • Online Access to Internet Marketing Tools and Helpful Blogs
  • Links to Sites Where You Can Find If The Opportunity You Are Looking At Is a Scam Or Not
  • Information On How To Start An Internet Marketing Business For Free
  • and So Much More!
Find A Real Business

Subscribe to our Online Business Catalog and you will receive the latest home business opportunities that are real businesses offered from real and established businesses looking to help you get into your own business. The catalog is reviewed and updated annually and you will receive one updated catalog every year as long as you are subscribed.

We will also send you via email any updates and additions as they become available. There is an annual cost of $35.00 to purchase the catalog. You will receive the catalog in the mail and be added to our email list so we can send the updates throughout the year. You may cancel at any time. Check out our Business Development Page for much more information!

  • Up-To-Date Catalog of Real Online and Work From Home Businesses
  • Real Businesses Created By Us For People Like You
  • Real Marketing Businesses You Can Get Started In Today At No Cost
  • How To Setup Your Home-Business
  • and So Much More!

Training & Coaching

Through our membership you will learn the actual secrets to Internet Marketing that all the top-earning marketers use every day to build their online empires. We give honest opinions based on our 25+ years of online business and marketing experience. Are we trying to make money? Of course. This is what it is all about. But unlike most marketers, we are willing to give you EVERYTHING! No holding back the secrets. This alone makes this membership invaluable!

From selling physical products to affiliate marketing to product creation, you will learn everything you need and more to build a successful online business. You get tips on setting up your home or portable office for business. We discuss accounting and other legal issues you may need to be aware of. We show you where to fine the resources that can help you better your business.
ABC's of Internet Marketing

With the TEEMOR Developers Membership you will become thoroughly familiar with all aspects of Internet Marketing. We show you the in's and out's of finding products to sell for both virtual products and drop shipping products. We'll show you how to find leads both free and paid and explain all the do's and don'ts involved. Learn how to do split testing, how to market in the Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

If you are looking to top-end training on how to start and successfully run an online Internet Marketing business that can make you thousands of dollars a day then you have come to the right place. You can get more information about our membership opportunity in our Business Development page or, if you just want to get started now, click on the Register Now menu option on the top menu.
The Business Catalog 2017

If you are not a member of this site then you can purchase this catalog anytime for just $39.97 from our Business Development page. However, as a member of TEEMOR Developers Membership you will receive this catalog absolutely free. As a member or non-member you will receive free updates to this catalog via email. What do you get? Just take a look and just a few businesses you can get involved in.

  • Assemble at home products
  • Start you own Auto Detailing Service
  • Run your own Windshield and Headlight Repair Service from your home
  • Start your oen Carpet Cleaning Service
  • Rent out giant inflatable bouncy toys for kids events