June 15, 2017
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Become A Rich Affiliate Marketer

Before we get started in this rather long journey to becoming a rich affiliate marketer I want to start out by talking very plainly about this business. Yes, you can make a fortune as an affiliate marketer. But here’s the truth. It will NOT happen overnight.

I know there are tons of so called Internet Marketing Guru’s out there who want you to buy their product that teaches how to make tons of money as an affiliate marketer. Some even make some statement to the effect you can do this in a matter of hours. Well, if you already have an email list of about 10,000 subscribers then yes. Their product will do exactly that.

But what about beginners like you and me? How do we get started when we can’t afford to spend much money? Is it even possible to get started in this business without any money at all?

The answer to that question is YES!

I did it like many of the highest paid affiliates did it. Started from scratch and build the business.

This is what I want to teach others. This is not competition to me. This is helping others who struggle with the same issues I have had to deal with. It is frustrating just getting a small piece of the puzzle and not understanding the whole picture.

I am about to take you on a business building journey where you will learn the ins and outs of the affiliate marketing business. You can do it for absolutely no money. However, I will encourage you to invest is some PLR products I will discuss in great detail later on in this series. They are not expensive and you will find they can help you make much more money if you handle them correctly.

As I said, later.

For now let’s take a look at the Internet Marketing Business. The number 1 income generating, online business today (and has been for several years) is Affiliate Marketing. So, what exactly is affiliate marketing?

An affiliate is a middle person who drums up business for a product or service provider. Let’s say John Doe creates a product and wants to sell it. He created an eBook about Wedding Planning that sells for $19.97. He knows the best way to sell allot of these books is to get many people to sell it for him. Why would they? Because he is going to give them 50% of the sales. So he hires “affiliates” to market the product for him.

What does this mean for the affiliate?

  • The affiliate pays for nothing unless they want to. They can buy leads, pay for advertising, or purchase email lists to market to but none of this is required by the seller.
  • There is no inventory to maintain. All of the product deliveries are handled by the vendor.
  • There is no hassle to refunds. Refunds are handled by the vendor. Payments to the affiliate is based on the affiliate agreement made when the affiliate signed up. This means they can get paid instantly, in a certain number of days or weeks, or on specific days of each month. More on this later.
  • The affiliate never has to deal with the customer for any support issues or complaints. Again, this is all handled by the vendor.

So, the affiliate contracts with the vendor (John Doe) to sell his product. The affiliate then ‘Markets” the product.

What is “marketing”? It is advertising basically. As a marketer your job is to get the information about the product into as many people’s eyes as you possibly can. This is where the job starts getting muddy.

Being an affiliate is easy. Marketing is where the work is. This business is built on allot of work up front so you can reap the benefits and relax later on. You really have to build the business from the ground floor up unless you already have allot of money to spend which most of us do not.

So where do we start? First we need to better understand the affiliate business.

When you signup to be an affiliate for someone’s product you are given a unique affiliate link. This link is what you give other people. When they click on the link they are taken to the sales page for the product. Build into this link is a special code that tells the sales page that you are the affiliate and if the customer buys to pay you for the sale.

This affiliate link is what you need to market. You can do this in so many ways. Do you have a Facebook account? Create an image and post it with your link. Use twitter the same way. I have used these methods time and time again.

Again, if someone follows your link and buys the product the vendor will pay you the agreed on amount.

Okay. We have come to a fork in the road of our journey. One fork leads to having to market over and over to make more sales without ever getting any repeat business from those who have purchased from you. The other fork leads to building a list of people who have purchased from you so you can send emails out to them on more products and get even more sales from your buyers.

Which would you prefer?

The down side to this is you will need to invest in an autoresponder sooner or later. I recommend sooner. Some would argue there are free autoresponder out there and they would be correct. MailChimp is one of them and is one of the better ones. But the problem is they have limits. If you go with a free one then you are kinda stuck with them even when you upgrade to a paid account later. And you will need to.

So, here’s my recommendation. Invest in just under $20 a month in an autoresponder before you start marketing. You will want to collect as many email addresses as possible and that is what an autoresponder will do for you. The top two used by most internet marketers is Aweber and GetResponse.

I will go into great detail in my next post on how to setup your autoresponder to create your first sales funnel. For now let’s understand the funnel process of the sale.

First, you either setup your own sales page or just market your affiliate link. The best way to just market your affiliate link and use an autoresponder to collect their email address is to create a “Squeeze” page. a squeeze page is designed to “squeeze” the user’s email address out of them. You can create a page that advertises the product you are promoting and you basically tell the reader that if they want more detail to fill in the form below with their email address. When they do, the autoresponder collects their email address and then sends them an email with your affiliate link in it. Then they can click on it to get to the product sales page and hopefully buy.

The down side in this method is most people are reluctant to give up their email address. The only way this method will work is if you design a really compelling page that captures their interest strongly.

Well, as I said, we will get into setting up the autoresponder in much more detail and also look at some of the best options and methods for getting people to subscribe to your email list in the sales funnel process.

Until next time, blessings to you and yours.

TJ Moore

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