What Is Site Builder?

First of all it is a Word Press Theme and Plugin bundle all packaged together to make your installation easier. With the theme and plugins you will get everything you need to launch a professional website in very little time. There is so much available to you in this package that there is just not enough time to go into everything here. That is why we also include complete video training.

Your video training will include:
  • Installing WordPress on your local computer for testing
  • Installing WordPress on your hosting service
  • How to wipe out all the test data
  • Creating your own layouts
  • Using your content
  • How to use the image revolver
  • and more!

You Get To Be In Control

For many years we have developed custom websites for many customers and almost always there has been concerns that things are not what they expected. No matter what we did the site was never good enough.

So we decided that with all the new advances in web design to put all the control into the customer's hands and let them get their website looking the way they want. Now you can choose exactly what is in your site and what isn't. You get to add your own photos and images the way you want. Basically, you get to be the web developer without having to know all the programming languages involved.

Anyone with real basic HTML knowledge can do this which means if you can't do it just get your 6 year old nephew to do it. Don't be embarrassed. Most people are not familiar with HTML. Yet, even you can learn it because it is the easiest to learn and there is not too much of it either. We will even show you some in the included video training.

Get Everyone Connected To Your Site

For many years WordPress has been the leader in online content management and continues to evolve as technology does. With WordPress as the core of your website you already have the power to do most of what you need. That's where the rubber meets the road and we step in to help.

We help make the development process easy and great looking. We also include several plugins for you to use to help enhance, optimize, and secure your website even more.

The site you are reading this on right now was built using the exact product we sell and it is nothing compared to what you can do with it. With ease you will be able to make changes and improvements over time without fear of loosing anything you have so far. Unless you make a mistake of course. I know have made a few ourselves along the way. But that happens. As for the Site Builder Package it does exactly what it is design to do and that is to deliver a great looking website!