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July 22, 2017
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Hello, and welcome to our newly re-developed website. We are gradually sliding our interest from Web Development into our Game and Business Development. Web development takes a ton of time away from other projects that just mean so much more to us and our customers. Not to mention we have had too many negative experiences with our web clients because they are never happy with the outcome completely. They want constant changes that go beyond the initial specs so to those I say, “Sorry, but we can no longer work with you”.

Although we are sliding away from the web development we still offer it to those who are seeking something that is very simple in its design. Or for those who wish to work on their own we will sell a basic template that you can use to create your own site using your own developers.

The Business Catalog
We have been involved in one way or another since 1992 with how to make money on the Internet. What we have learned is there are actually ways of making money online. However, there are even more ways to be scammed and taken advantage of all while you just keep spending money and not making any.

So what’s next? More games and more business opportunities that’s what. We have some incredible, real home business work you can get involved with for very little cost. Although some businesses can be started for little to no money, most cannot. At some point you need to invest in supplies, equipment, hosting and other services and other expenses.

We have and continue to compile a list of home=based businesses you can run from your home and/or over the Internet. These are not scams or those Internet Marketing opportunities that never go anywhere. Some of them have real products you can sell. Others are services you can perform for really great money like carpet cleaning, windshield repair, or bouncy toy rentals to list just a few.

No matter what, we are sure we have something for everyone. Check out our catalog for more information and get started in your own home business today!

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