My “How I Made Money Online” Testimony

This is Who I Am

I have always wanted to make money online. When it comes to making money on the Internet, however, there are so many things going to watch out for. Most of it are scams and rip-offs! How do you know what products to buy? How can you tell if the seller is ripping you off or not? How can you make a real income when you’re fighting against all those false gurus?

These are good questions and there are good answers to each of them.

Okay, let me start off by introducing myself. You have seen my name but you have no idea who I am.
My name is TJ Moore and I am going on 60 years old. I have been a software and web developer for over 50 years. Yes, I was developing Internet based apps before the Internet was in the hands of the public. Now I am focusing on two major things. I have an online Bible College I run which also has campuses around the world. Second, I am building Internet Marketing websites that make me the money I need to support my ministry and back my hobby of developing MMO games.

Seems like allot, huh? It can be at times. But let me backup a bit and talk about the Internet Marketing (IM) part of my life. After all, that is what you are interested in, right?

Learning to Make Money Online

This is no joke. I had worked to build online businesses for 12 years and never made more than $30. But I have spent thousands to make that money. Talk about some bad ROI (Return On Investment). I did, however become quite the expert in learning what Internet Marketing is all about. I learned how to get scammed and be taken advantage of, what I was buying was only part of the secret to making money and how to make products that don’t sell.

I’m not sounding very positive am I? No. The truth is, through all those mistakes and bad investments I have learned allot. I also finally found a system that not only worked for me but for everyone who got involved and really tried.

It was through that system that things finally clicked for me. I was introduced to the real methods of getting real leads that buy what I offer. Things in my head started falling into place. The things I had learned and the products I had purchased but failed with became tools for me to increase my learning and my income.

I went to some older video training and watched them again. This time with new knowledge on hand I began to see where I had gone wrong. I also came across some free training online that blew me away. The guy was very much like me. He was honest and not afraid to speak against the bad things. He was teaching me the things I already knew and a whole lot I didn’t.

Building Tutorials

I began to write an outline of steps and procedures. After a while I was looking at a whole training layout that I wish I had when I was first starting out. I have decided I am going to give this info away on my own sites. At the time of this writing it is 8/25/2020. I plan to have the first segments out in the next couple of weeks.

What had prompted me to do this was that system I mentioned earlier. My previous blog post was about that system. I’ll give everyone the details on that in the training site when it’s up. But the system I am speaking of has a Facebook group to help support the members. I have to say I have not enjoyed any FB groups as much as this one. Anyway, what I found were allot of people getting started have never been involved in IM before and they we asking questions about their autoresponder system, the Clickbank account, and in general how to get started.

Although the system comes with full video training and handholds you through getting started and more, people were just not getting it.

I have been teaching for most of my life on anything from computer technology to Bible studies. One thing I have learned is that many instructors do not focus on the tiny things. They assume people already know and/or understand these things. But I know through experience that sometimes you have to hand-hold them through the VERY basics first.

I Will Teach You the Truth

With that in mind I am designing this free training site to do exactly that. I will start with the extreme basics. Gradually I will guide the users to more advanced training until they have a fully functioning and income making online business.

I won’t lie to you. Building an online IM business is not easy. But, it is much easier than building a new restaurant business or any other brick and mortar business. It is also far less expensive to start than one that is not online.

Anyway, that’s the goals. I have other sites as I have said, each of them making money for me on their own. This thing about only spending an hour a week to keep the money rolling in is true. But only once you have reached a certain level in your business. I will teach you in my training.

So, keep an eye out for an email from me or a new blog post on my blog. As soon as I have enough content to get everyone started in the right direction I will launch it. Then I will be adding content to it more and more. I think you will be impressed and want to learn even more!

Until next time, blessings to you and yours,

TJ Moore

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