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Okay! I have got to tell you, for the first time in over 10 years, I have begun making money consistently online. What’s my secret? I’m about to tell you. But first let me show you where I have been […]

Okay! I have got to tell you, for the first time in over 10 years, I have begun making money consistently online. What’s my secret? I’m about to tell you. But first let me show you where I have been and see if you can relate.

I have spent hundred (if not thousands) over the years buying these promises from so-called gurus of Internet Marketing. Anything from $4.95 to $47. I refused to pay over that because I had not made my money back from the previous empty promise.

Don’t get me wrong. I know I am an impatient man who wants to see results right now. But I am getting older and wiser and found one of the secrets of making money online is to be patient and focus on the steps.

In the last few months I have tried again and again failed to find the right program or product. Well, that was until I found Perpetual Income 365. No, I am not writing this to promote this opportunity. I want to show you the actual results so far at the time of this writing and you can decide for yourself if you want to try it out.

To start out with, the screen shot above is what my ClickBank account looked like the day I bought into this membership. That was June 13, 2020. I followed the steps of the “3-Day Challenge” and the very next day, as you can see, I had made $4.05.

I know. I wasn’t excited either. Although, in the next few days, after all 500 paid for clicks were sent I wound up with 150 subscribers to my email list. This is exciting because the money is in the list. That means I can send product promotions to 150 people any time I want. That is what makes the money.

Okay. Back to the progress at hand. So day 2 was $4.05. But the very next day I had another $11.84 in my account. I had never had money 2 days in a row. In fact. In the past 12 years I have made a total of $24.00 and that happened one time only. So on day 3 I was $15.89 richer.

Then came day 4, 5, 6, . . .


Now, understand I was not marketing to my list. The reason was because I took the “3-Day Challenge” in the membership. One of the promises was that if I completed the challenge successfully I would receive a 1 to 1 match of Paid for clicks. That meant for every paid for click I purchased I would get 1 for free.

I was really debating if I should invest my money or not. I had purchased clicks in the past and had no success at all. Bad experiences. But something was telling me to give it a try as long as I was determined to make this program work.

This meant I would have to put all other money making projects aside and just focus on this one program. I decided to go for it. Then I decided if I was going to go for it I would but 500 clicks for $300. I know it’s allot but I just had to know.

Honestly? I am glad I did.

As I said before I got 150 subscribers from that purchase. That works out to $2 per subscriber. We will see what my ROI (Return On Investment) is later. For now I was and am still focused on building my list .

Then I received the email from the membership owner stating he had matched my clicks. I did not get any sales at first. But I did get an additional 200 subscribers. That’s 350 subscribers for my initial investment of $300 and the $9 I paid for the membership trial period of two weeks.

This is awesome. But wait! There’s more.

As I said previously, I saw no sales day after day. That was until yesterday when I looked at my ClickBank account and found another $21.13. This one is important because it is a purchase of the membership which means I make this every month.

Now, on July 14, 2020 (a couple of weeks from now) I will begin marketing products to my 350 subscribers and start watching how those sales go. I give this date because part of the Perpetual Income 365 membership is they include 31 followup emails to your subscribers. These are emailed daily so that means 31 days from the start of the membership the subscribers will no longer receive emails about the PI365 membership.

You do not have to do this. I am doing it because I am testing different aspects of this program to see just how it performs. I do like it so far. And I can’t wait to start marketing other products. But this allows me to see how 1000 paid for clicks delivers in sales and in subscribers.

In the Facebook group page for PI385 I have seen screenshots of other peoples results. One guy posted yesterday a shot of his one sale of over $350. he got lucky and found a real buyer. Other results were similar to mine while others were more and others less.

The results do very but you do not have to wait to start marketing. In fact, those who start marketing right away are seeing results that paid them way more than their investments.

I will get my investment back. I have no doubt because I can finally put into action all the things I have learned over the years. Will I purchase more leads. Yes. Definitely! But that will be later after I get my initial investment back. Using the resources the program give really does work. The Perpetual Income 365 membership is worth the investment, time, and effort.

Just remember one important thing. If you get involved you must be patient. This is a business not a get rich quick program. If someone promises you can get rich quick with their offer THEY ARE LYING!

The money will come but only by putting in a little effort. It’s not hard at all and you can do it with just a few minutes every day or put more time in if you want.

The secret is to set your mind to succeed, be determined, set goals and steps to reach them, follow the steps as taught, and then market to your subscribers. Concentrate on building a HUGE email list. Why? Because that is where the money is!

I will keep you updated as to my progress. See you next time.

TJ Moore

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